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Easily make $1.25/gal BioDiesel fuel

No vehicle modifications
are needed

Summers End e-Book SALE on NOW

BioDiesel is cheap, easy & fun to make

Save $2 a gallon !

This ain't saving CHUMP CHANGE!

Think about saving $2730.00 every year !
Heck in 10 years that saves $27,300.00 !

What would you do with your Free Money?

Do it Yourself BioDiesel instruction books

Free on-line BioDiesel 101 class  click here

 Our how to books include safe Processor designs!

Our books pay for themselves the very 1st batch of high quality BioDiesel fuel you make!

BioDiesel Facts

  1. Can be burned in ANY diesel engine.

  2. No vehicle modifications needed.

  3. Burns like regular Diesel fuel.

  4. Is made in a sealed, heated tank called a Processor.

  5. Our Processors are Safe & easy to make.

  6. Cost of local Supplys determine the price of fuel made.

  7. Around $1.25 to make a gallon of BioDiesel yourself.

  8. ALL home BioDiesel Processors use same chemistry.

  9. Only Steel processors offer fire protection Safety! View

  10.  All Processors make BioDiesel at the Same Speed.

  11.  Beware... inflated gallons per day claims = Raw fuel.

  12.  Raw fuel is unclean and contains impurities.

  13.  Using Raw fuel could damage your engine.

  14.  BioDiesel should always be washed clean.

  15.  Our designs allow you to properly wash and dry your fuel.

  16.  Polishing by Washing, Drying & Filtering cleans the fuel.

  17.  Not all Processors can Polish BioDiesel like ours do.

  18.  Our Processor designs have a small foot print, saves space.

  19.  Feature for Feature, Our designs cost less & can't be beat !

  20.  Still sitting on the Fence? Read customer Complements HERE.


All home BioDiesel Processors function the same way, they only differ in Price, Safety & Features.
Ours are the best hands down!

        Pretty Good BioDiesel Book
PGB book not only shows how to make great BioDiesel yourself, it contains how to make our "All in One" steel Flat bottomed BioDiesel Processor.
This book is the beginners BioDiesel makers bible, 217 pages, everything you need to know about making BioDiesel fuel.

Advanced BioDiesel Projects Book
ABP book contains 6 advanced BioDiesel Processing EQUIPMENT projects.
Includes instruction to construct our full featured Advanced "All in One" Cone bottom Processor for the very best fuel and many more projects to make better fuel faster and easier for you.

    Mobile-Mini Processor DVD Video
Our 6.5 gallon batch design. Offers portability and small batch processing in one extremely small break-down package.


Unlike some other high priced Processors, all of ours are made of Safe FIRE RESISTANT STEEL for your safety!on't be mislead, No Processor can make BioDiesel any cheaper or faster than any other, the cost of the chemicals needed for conversion determine fuel price

The chemistry process is the same for all home BioDiesel Processors so they all take the same time to convert vegetable oils into BioDBiesel fuel.

Our Processor designs offer more features for a better price than any other processor on the market!
Dollar for dollar you will not find a safer or better value anywhere!

All of our designs are capable of making ASTM grade BioDiesel

Standard "All in One" Flat Bottom
built from
Pretty Good BioDiesel book

Mobile-Mini Processor
built from
Mobile-Mini Processor DVD

Advanced "All in One" Cone bottom
built from
Advanced BioDiesel Projects

We have nothing to hide, Insulation and lids removed in above photos for clarity
If you don't weld, we offer offer our pre-welded Advanced Cone Bottom Steel Processor tank HERE

 BioDiesel can also be used in your home heating furnace as BioHeat.

Compare our BioDiesel processors to the other guys

All in One







All in One


6 gallon



Fumeless enclosed design Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Can clean it between batches Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Built in heater Yes Yes Yes Yes  Extra
$295  External
Fire resistant construction Yes Yes Yes No No
Can wash fuel Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Can dry fuel Yes Yes Yes No Extra $195 for this kit
Cost $375 or less to build Yes Yes Yes No No
Approximate completion Cost $150 to $250 $350 to $850 $100 to $200 $550 $2995 basic kit
Easy repair with local materials Yes Yes Yes Sometimes No
Cone bottom for cleaner Fuel? No Yes Yes No Yes
Fire safe Steel Construction? Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Minor Welding Required Yes * Yes * Yes * No No
Continuous Washing Feature No Yes Yes No No
Approximate Cost to make BioDiesel $1.25 $1.25 $1.25 $1.25 $1.25
Take Down Design No No Yes No No
Makes Small Batch No No Yes No No

* A local welding shop can quickly wield your processor using our designs.

Easy to Build Processor designs, how to and MORE in our
exclusive BioDiesel How To books!

How to make PGB     Advanced Processor Book

Both Processors are enclosed design, they have Insulation and lids removed for the photos,
the processor on the left is shown Drying the raw oil prior to processing.

Our "All in One" Flat*

Our "All in One" Coned*

*approximate construction costs as built from scratch (prices may vary locally)

Why our exclusive "All in One " BioDiesel Processor designs are Better
Our Processor Specifications are  HERE

ALL home BioDiesel Processors work the same, they only differ in price, safety & features.

Our "All in One" Basic and Advanced processors shown in the above photos with the top steel cover and insulation removed for clarity.
Our Basic processor on the left is shown Drying the raw oil prior to processing.

  • Our small (approximately 30" x 30") physical foot print saves valuable space.

  • Full featured and Fire resistant steel tank.

  • Low to fumeless by design, feature packed, safe and highly effective.

  • Insulated for effective heat retention and lower operating costs.

  • Our exclusive design does it all, "Processing, Washing and Drying" in one tank and can make ASTM BioDiesel.

  • Easily inspected inside & cleaned if desired between batches for superior quality BioDiesel.

  • Constructed of commonly available hardware & plumbing parts, from your local hardware store.

  • If you don't weld, check with a local shop or ask your local high school shop class to make it as a class project or buy tank HERE.

  • All our designs (flat & coned) are low priced, full featured with an effective proven design that is simple, safe and easy to construct.

  • Internally heated design maintains heat during processing to keep the conversion reaction stable for a better quality product.

  • Our design is Flexible, allowing for easy customization with many of our options to your specifications. See specs HERE


Their Appleseed $550

    Their Appleseed water heater BioDiesel Processor you build for ~ $300 pipe kit + $250 for water heater = $550

ALL BioDiesel Processors work the same way, they only differ in price & features.
1.    Has a much larger large foot print than claimed because of the extra tanks required to wash & dry the fuel to meet ASTM standards.
While it is a sealed Fire safe steel tank design, the fumeless claim is misleading because your exposed to methoxide vapor when transferring out HOT fuel.
3.    Insulated for effective heat retention.
4.    A sealed system can't
Wash and Dry fuel to make ASTM grade BioDiesel, additional Washing and Drying process tanks are needed to do that.
5.    Being sealed it is very difficult or impossible to clean and dry or to inspect the inside of tank for contaminates.
6.    Some parts are hard to find parts unless you purchase an expensive processor plumbing kit.
7.   At $550 as claimed to make does not include the washing & drying tanks which are needed if you desire to make ASTM grade BioDiesel.
8.   Fuel must be drained while hot, exposing you to harmful vapors else you risk glycerol hardening inside the sealed water heater tank making a huge mess.

    The tiny pamphlet Book costs $15, tells how to make biodiesel & only shows how to build this one processor, not the washing & drying equipment.
Don't be mislead, our simple processor design is a better deal,
for a much better processor. For more info buy our 215 page "Pretty Good BioDiesel" book .


Their FuelMeister $4190 or more!

Fuel Meister brand Plastic Processor costs the ridiculous price of $2995 to $3995 + MORE for accessories!

Remember, ALL BioDiesel Processors only differ in price & features so why spend $4000 or more?

1.   In our opinion any Plastic processor is unsafe regarding a potential fire situation.
2.  We believe this one is grossly over priced at $2995 & that don't include the much needed $995 extra tank & $195 drying kit.
With no effective fire suppression provisions like fire resistant materials to effectively snuff out a potentially catastrophic fire we believe it is hazardous.
          Check out this
plastic processor meltdown.... While not the same brand... what can we say... plastic is only plastic after all...
3.   Heat is required to react the oil into biodiesel within a reasonable amount of time, yet this processor contains no heater and is not insulated for heat retention.
           As internal heat drops, conversion time increases greatly or quality suffers.
4.   This basic plastic processor Cannot make ASTM grade BioDiesel because it can't Dry BioDiesel without purchasing another costly Kit that is required to make dried fuel.
          The ASTM standard specifically states the BioDiesel must be both Washed & Dried.
5.   Ok, we admit, it is Easily inspected & cleaned inside if desired between batches.
6.   Hard to find parts for repair or to expand unless you purchase a the very expensive expansion kit or repair parts from the manufacturer (waiting on parts).
7.   $3000 to $4000 dollars or more for a piece of plastic... We believe it is Grossly over priced for what little you get.
8.   Not as fast as advertised, they don't account for time heating up oil in the external storage tank with their low wattage external (optional) $295 drum heater.
9.  The volume of fuel quoted from this company we believe is misleading. We do not believe it is possible to produce 3 batches of 40 gallons
        of ASTM grade fuel (converting, washing, drying) in only 24 hours time yet they claim this is possible. To do so would require you to remain awake 24
        hours and produce 1 batch every 8 hours. It takes about 1 hour to heat the oil, 1 hour to process the oil, and 3 hours for waste glycerol to settle out so
        you are already into it 5 hours per batch! Add in 3 hours to wash the RAW BioDiesel & you ran out of time to Dry it.
        You just cannot rush the process, no one is immune to the laws governing chemistry or physics no matter who you are.
        The amount of BioDiesel you can produce per day using their FuelMeister system can easily be matched by ANY other biodiesel processor.
Do not be fooled, ALL BioDiesel processors work the same way and make fuel just as fast; our design simply costs you $3965 less than theirs.

     Fuel Meister is a catchy name & they have been on TV in a lot of infomercials which we guess is why their price is so darn high.
Our advice... Buy our great BioDiesel book and build our safe, feature packed steel processor and save yourself $3965,
Don't ever buy a piece of unsafe plastic
junk; our steel BioDiesel processor will make the same if not better BioDiesel just as fast and a whole lot safer.
Think fire safety.... Who knows.... the house you save may very well be your own!
Keep your money in the bank where it belongs, buy our book, build our steel processor and make far better BioDiesel for a lot less money!

Our Book provides everything needed to make BioDiesel & the Processor from local parts without needing any kits.
Get a download of our Pretty Good BioDiesel Book HERE and learn how to build a great processor and make BioDiesel yourself.
Our book can be DOWNLOADED at any time FREE.

Our Free BioDiesel 101 on-line class teaches you how easy BioDiesel fuel is to make yourself at home.

If you desire to
make a 1 Liter test batch of BioDiesel click on the underlined link.

Help slow global warming, make Carbon Neutral BioDiesel fuel on the Farm or at Home.
BioDiesel is very easy & simple to make yourself.
BioDiesel is an environmentally friendly non-toxic fuel made from organic vegetable oil or animal fats.
Many Farmers and Home Owners in over 11 countries use our BioDiesel book to build our simple processor and make fuel themselves.
Farmers can really save big money over the cost of diesel fuel.

Step it Up & Take our FREE on-line BioDiesel 101 Class HERE

Don't be mislead by bogus 70 cent claims per galllon.

ALL home BioDiesel Processors work the same, they only differ in price, safety & features.

It currently costs about $1.25 a gallon to make BioDiesel.

Step it Up America, Save money & help Save the Environment, make your own Carbon Neutral BioDiesel !

Make your own fuel and save big $$$ a gallon over the cost of fuel at the pump!
You can easily make your own safe, BioDiesel in 40 to 45 gallon batches using our simple, safe and easy to build

With higher chemical costs, the days of 70 cent a gallon BioDiesel are gone but it is still very cheap to make compared to the local diesel pump prices.

Learn how to make safe ASTM grade BioDiesel fuel for a little over $1 a gallon and use in any diesel engine.
Our FREE Book download provides everything you need to make both BioDiesel & the Processor from local parts without a kit.
Get a FREE download of the Pretty Good BioDiesel Book HERE and learn how to make biodiesel and the processor.

    At we are committed to "Teaching Tomorrows Technology Today", through our Free online BioDiesel 101 course. Our how to Make BioDiesel book is called "Pretty Good BioDiesel". This book was written to teach the average home owner, small trucking company or farmer everything needed to build a processor & make BioDiesel fuel. Our belief is that making Biodiesel is a financial benefit to anyone using diesel fueled vehicles. Many users of biodiesel are Farmers, Agricultural businesses & Truckers who benefit by paying far less for fuel when making their own BioDiesel. As an alternative energy source, BioDiesel is the most energy efficient fuel available.

    Use BioDiesel to power the many diesel engines used in the Farming and Trucking industries. Farm made BioDiesel is being used successfully by many farms to make BioHeat used in furnaces to heat to dry grain. Farmers & agriculture businesses are on the ground floor since they have the raw materials at their disposal to cut out the middle man & make great BioDiesel at a fraction of costly diesel fuel. BioDiesel is currently being used to power municipal vehicle fleets, school busses, city busses and street sweepers. Seattle WA. & Portland OR. were two of the first cities in the nation to convert or require that all city owned diesel vehicles burn BioDiesel fuel. Many cities are now making their own BioDiesel fuel for running fleets of municipal vehicles. Many trucking businesses are using BioDiesel to power their big rig semi trucks. A lot of semi tractors such as Kenworth's, Mack Truck's, and Peterbuilt's are currently using biodiesel. Truckers at Truck stops, weigh stations, and rest areas are discussing biodiesel as a cheap alternative fuel to expensive #2 diesel fuel. Heavy construction equipment powered by Caterpillar's Cat diesel engines are being powered with BioDiesel. The US military has used BioDiesel fuel to power the many diesel engines it uses. Check out the high prices of diesel fuel in your area on the DieselBoss web site at the page to see the high fuel prices your local truckers are paying. High fuel costs and environmental concerns are driving this movement toward BioDiesel fuel. BioDiesel is Carbon Neutral & good for our environment because it does not contribute to carbon dioxide levels which are reported to cause Global Warming. While we are not sure Global Warming is real, we think that like chicken soup.... it can't hurt to try BioDiesel and save money in the process!.
    We also now have the OEM BioDiesel Fuel Policy Statements from companies such as Case, Caterpillar, Dodge, Cummins, Ford, PowerStroke, GM, DuraMax, International, John Deere, Kubota, Mack, Mercedes Benz, New Holland, Nissan, StanaDyne, Volvo, and Volkswagon's VW TDI  OEM BioDiesel Fuel Policy's


Pretty Good BioDiesel book, FREE to download anytime  a small fee is charged to obtain the pass code required to open it.

Begin making high quality Carbon Neutral BioDiesel at home for about a $1.25 a gallon!

Easy to Build Processor designs, how to and MORE in our two
exclusive BioDiesel how to books!

How to make Fuel     Advanced Processor Book

Download our How to Make BioDiesel Book HERE

Making BioDiesel is so easy

1.    Heat some vegetable oil.

2.    Add in proper proportions of alcohol & lye mixture.

3.    Mix for an hour.

4.    Wait a bit, drain out the waste & presto... You now have made RAW biodiesel fuel!

5.    Wash it with water to remove impurities.

6.    Dry it with some heat & filter it for use in your vehicle as clean Polished BioDiesel.

Our web site is dedicated to BioDiesel fuel & showing you just how easy it is to make.
Home of the original Pretty Good BioDiesel book. It was written with the average Joe in mind.
Our exclusive copyrighted book shows you how to construct our processor & how to make biodiesel fuel.

Because BioDiesel fuel is Carbon Neutral it may help to slow Global Warming according to some experts.


Have you ever wondered if BioDiesel is hard to make?
It is much easier to make than you might think, once you know how!

The SECRET is out.... BioDiesel is cheap and easy to make yourself and it requires no special skills!
So why pay high fuel pump prices when you can easily make your own fuel for about 1/4 the cost?

We are the Home Brew BioDiesel resource that you have been looking for.
Years in the making, our carefully researched books contain all the secrets you need to Make BioDiesel fuel yourself.

Our BioDiesel Book and Processor designs have the most features and the best deal for your money, hands down!
Our exclusive modern processor designs are Fire resistant and Low Fume, they can Process, Wash, and Dry BioDiesel to ASTM quality.
The smallest footprint of any BioDiesel processor, contains a built in heater, and makes 40 to 45 gallons of great BioDiesel every time.
All that can be had for $150 to $375 so why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars more & get less value for your money?
Our processor is steel and is fire resistant... Why risk your family's safety,
View This.

ALL BioDiesel Processors function the same way, they only differ in Cost, Features and Safety.
Those plastic (garbage in our opinion) $3000 processor kits actually have fewer features and less safety than our "All in One" BioDiesel processor!
It is our core belief that a good quality product does not need to cost a lot & we prove it all the time.
PLEASE, read the simple comparisons between the three top BioDiesel processors above.

Our exclusive "Pretty Good BioDiesel" book tells how to avoid pitfalls in choosing or building a biodiesel processor and make BioDiesel.
We have done over 3 years of research, so you can get right down to the business of making BioDiesel.

BioDiesel can be burned in ANY diesel engine or Home Oil Furnace!
That's right, you don't need any special vehicle modifications to burn BioDiesel fuel!
Any diesel engine can burn BioDiesel and it can be easily mixed with diesel fuel.
Save more money your home Oil Furnace can burn BioHeat a simple blend of 20% BioDiesel and 80% Heating Oil.

Our FREE online BioDiesel 101 course provides almost every SECRET you need to make BioDiesel.
OK, we left some details out of the FREE BioDiesel 101 course so you would buy our book but it really does give you a lot of great information for FREE.
Our Pretty Good BioDiesel book tells you the whole scoop about making BioDiesel and how to avoid pitfalls.
Don't worry about the paltry price of our 217 page book, we probably should charge more for our book but we don't.
It is our core belief that a good quality product does not need to cost a lot & we prove it all the time.
Our HUGE book is an Information Power House that will pay for itself 4 times over the first 40 gallons batch of BioDiesel you make.

Home made BioDiesel costs far less than the price of  the fuel at your local pump!
YES, you read that right! Home made BioDiesel is safe and costs far less than diesel fuel at the pump.

BioDiesel can be mixed with heating oil to produce what is known as BioHeat.
Many people heat their homes & business with Bio-Heat for a fraction of the cost it would take to heat using regular furnace oil.
Bio-Heat is made when BioDiesel is mixed 20% or more with regular heating oil which can cut your fuel costs significantly.

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Diesel Engine Manufacturers Warranty Statements regarding BioDiesel CLICK HERE  

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