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Introducing the Official BioDiesel Project Vehicle

Fuel Mileage Fuel Tank Mods

A 1991 Dodge RAM W250 4x4 Cummins 5.9L Turbo/Intercooler Mechanical 12 valve Power House!

        The Project Vehicle is a 1991 Dodge RAM Cummins Turbo Diesel. It will be seen traveling up & down Interstate 5 running on B100 BioDiesel or some Blend of BioDiesel with our web site proudly written on the rear. Look for us this summer, give us a honk! We will gladly discuss BioDiesel with you & usually carry copies of our book in the truck.

    When purchased the truck was a Low mileage vehicle with 105,000 miles on the odometer. It has a mechanical 12 valve Cummins engine model B with a VE Bosch rotary injector pump, Automatic 4 Speed 46RH transmission w/overdrive & 3.55 gears in the Dana 70 rear end. We are running stock tires. The truck is shown as it was purchased in the photo. It is a 16 year old vehicle with one previous owner, it has no lift kits & is all stock with the exception of the bed mounted crane & the under carriage frame we added to handle the crane.

    Currently we are concerned by the peeling factory Chrysler paint which is common in this vintage of vehicle. We are considering repainting it, however we will keep it white if we do repaint it. In the meanwhile, a bit of touchup paint will be in order to keep the truck presentable and rust free.

    Check out the test results from running our home brewed BioDiesel. We made the fuel ourselves with the same BioDiesel Process Reactor design you see in our book. Results of our mileage tests are published for you to enjoy (see Fuel Mileage) we hope to convince you to try making BioDiesel yourself. Please understand that we do not make BioDiesel for retail sale, we only provide information in the form of our web site, CD's, Books, & Processing equipment we sell. Check out our Pretty Good BioDiesel Book!

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