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The Fuel Tank Mods
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Our auxiliary Fuel Tank project

On the back burner pending completion of the cone bottom processor project.

    Fuel tank modifications are not normally required for burning BioDiesel in your vehicle unless you expect to use straight B100 without blending it with #2 diesel in temperatures below 40F. Burning straight B100 BioDiesel in winter months with temperatures in the 30F range your BioDiesel will be more likely to Gel or cloud and may present you with problems unless you provide some form of minor fuel line or fuel tank heating. Since we drive long distances & we are in need an extra fuel tank anyway, we are planning on adding an auxiliary fuel tank into the bed of our truck which we will likely dedicate to B100.

     The Project: For future winter time use we will install a bed mounted insulated auxiliary fuel tank with minor heating modifications such as a heated dip tube for warming up the BioDiesel fuel to around 70F to 75F along with a fuel tank switching valve & some heated or insulated fuel lines. We will start the truck on #2 diesel in cold weather & switch over to tank #2 once the fuel lines warm up to around 70F to 75F. We are not talking about heating up our BioiDiesel anywhere near 180F like the Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) guys have to do because using that much heat is known to damage expensive fuel injection parts.

        The secondary fuel tank parts are now on hand. We are now in possession of our new MIG wielder and have been taking our time learning how to use it correctly. Current plans are to shorten two identical size hydraulic oil tanks to fit into the bed of our truck. After shortening the tanks, we will double stack them & place a very long and continuous weld bead around the junction. This will form one tank with a capacity of around 27 gallons.  We will custom make a heated dip tube as required to fit. The parts currently on hand for the fuel tank project include, 2 hydraulic oil tanks, 20' of fuel injector hose and to prevent possible degradation caused by solvent attack from B100 Methyl-Ester it is flexible Fluoropolymer Viton lined. A 6 port electric PollicK fuel tank switching valve, a short 12VDC electrically heated European diesel fuel line, a 12VDC heated diesel fuel filter wrap, a "General" brand 10 micron Fuel Oil filter or perhaps we may use a heated Racor brand 5 micron filter and build a small heat exchanger. We gave up trying to construct a bed side mounted fuel tank that can fit just ahead of both the wheel wells in the bed of the truck since we determined the fuel capacity would be too small. If we could use such small fuel tanks they would take up less room in the bed & that location would help protect them against potential damage from heavy loads that could shift when braking.

    Because of space limitations we make our BioDiesel outside. Since standing around in the winter rain & wind causes us to get very cold while making BioDiesel. Because of the weather we normally suspend BioDiesel production during the cold bad winter months & wait for warmer weather before resuming production in the spring. Besides washing our BioDiesel with a garden hose in the winter is almost guaranteed to freeze up our plumbing. We normally build up a store of fuel for potential winter time use providing the weather allows. 200 gallons of BioDiesel should hold us over most of the winter months provided that we burn it in moderation. For those of you that have the space, there are 2 ways to extend the temperature parameters of BioDiesel lower than 40F. By removal of the Tallow from the WVO and also by cold fractioning the BioDiesel. See our book for further details.

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    As work on this project progresses we will keep you informed. Once we begin the aux fuel tank work, we hope to take photos of the work as it progresses & post them here. We may also provid the plans for our Aux  fuel tank modification in our new upcoming book "Advanced BioDiesel Processing" so keep in touch.




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