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The Fuel Mileage
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    We hope your as impressed with the fuel mileage that we were when burning our home brew BioDiesel!
Our mileage dropped less than 8% while burning straight B100. The mileage loss was more than acceptable to us since the BioDiesel we made had cost just $0.70 per gallon to make verses $2.50 to buy at the pump it saved us around 75% in fuel costs!

MPG averages burning various fuel sources over a 6 month 10,000 mile period.

MPG Avg.







Fuel Brand

Fred Meyer





Phillips 76

Note: B100 is our home made 100% pure BioDiesel Fuel

   Except for seasonal differences, the driving conditions in the chart above were all identical with 60% to 70% of the miles driven on the freeway over 100 miles non-stop. Shown in order of best to worst MPG with our BioDiesel MPG being just 7.3% lower than our best MPG from Fred Meyer #2 diesel fuel. Not bad considering the Fred Meyer fuel was purchased at near $2.50 per gallon compared with just $0.70 per gallon for our pure B100 BioDiesel.

In 2006 instead of B100, we decided to experiment with blends of BioDiesel and #2 Diesel fuel.
Here are the results of this test.

Test results when burning an average Blend of 39.6% BioDiesel Fuel over 5301 miles.

5301 119.2 gal 181.6 gal 39.6% 17.62 $83 $597 $309.07
Miles B100 #2 Diesel Mix MPG $B100 $Diesel Savings

Total Fuel cost savings $309.07 = $2.59 per gallon savings x 119.2 gallons BioDiesel consumed
Time frame 5/17/06 - 8/17/06

Total Miles driven = 5301
#2 Diesel = 181.6 Gallons
mostly Shell & Phillips 76 diesel fuel whatever was cheapest at the time.
BioDiesel = 119.2 Gallons
home brewed by us
Total gallons of Blended Fuel = 300.8
Blend Mixture Average = 39.6% BioDiesel
MPG average = 17.62 miles per gallon
BioDiesel Fuel cost @ $0.70 per gallon x 119.2 gallons = $83.44
#2 Diesel Fuel cost @ $3.29 per gallon
(avg during the test period) x 181.6 gallons = $597.99
Savings in Fuel cost $3.29 - $0.70 = $2.59 per gallon of BioDiesel used

Later results of burning various BioDiesel Fuel blends were about the same as previously reported.

Nothing extraordinary to report except we saved a lot of money on the price of fuel!



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