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P.G.B. BioDiesel Book
A.B.P. Advanced Book
DUO Book Set Deal
Mobile-Mini Processor
Bubble Ring
Members Only
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Mobile-Mini 6.5 gallon Portable BioDiesel Processor  4 hour Step by Step construction DVD

Our small batch Portable 6.5 gallon processor

Portable for Arizona bound Snow Birds to take along on the road
Great also for people who need a small batch of fue

Same great fuel on a smaller scale & portable Click Here

Contains our How to Build our new Mini-Processor instructions
Makes 6.5 gallon fuel batches, ideal for a tank full of B20 for the new truck requirements.

Pretty Good BioDiesel Book

Recommended beginners Book

   Our exclusive "Pretty Good BioDiesel" book thoroughly explains  how to make high quality BioDiesel and basic processing equipment. Written with the average Joe in mind.
 Armed with the information in our
Pretty Good BioDiesel book, you can construct a safe modern BioDiesel processor and make your own Top Quality BioDiesel fuel.
Our book details everything you need to know about making BioDiesel and the Processor required to make it.

Dare to Compare other processor designs HERE!

Advanced BioDiesel book
Contains 6 How to Projects!

Advanced Projects to make BioDiesel Easier

Our exclusive ABP "Advanced BioDiesel Projects" book contains..6 Advanced BioDiesel Projects designed to make superior fuel and higher through put .
Includes 6 projects like how to build an Advanced cone bottomed processor from scratch.

Dare to Compare other processor designs HERE!

Duo BioDiesel book set

Our Best Deal for Beginners & Advanced

    Get both our PGB & ABP books in this set at a greatly discounted price HERE

Bubble Ring
Pretty Good Bubble Ring

   This is the Pretty Good Bubble Ring that we use for making our BioDiesel. We have used one of these for more than 3 years now, it has held up against the solvent attack of RAW BioDiesel very well & we highly recommend it. A lot of other bubbler ring materials get attacked or clog up & fail after a relatively short exposure to RAW BioDiesel but this one seems very resistant to attack or clogging. We have used it in many batches of WVO, RAW BioDiesel & Washed BioDiesel without it seeming to be affected. This BioDiesel Bubbler Ring comes highly recommended by the staff.

Air Bubbler Pump

   A high quality, high volume two port air pump perfect for use with our Bubble Ring.
Provides plenty of power to bubble from deep down in the tank.
Includes rheostat control for fine tuning output of air to the task at hand without emulsifying the BioDiesel.


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