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The Mobile-Mini Processor
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  New 4 hour Step by Step how to DVD video

(For USA standard format DVD players only)

Mobile-Mini BioDiesel Processor

Small scale BioDiesel Fuel processor
Portable, 6 gallon batch size

Note: Deluxe unit shown with all options.
 Insulation removed for clarity

Step by Step how to construct 4 hour Video DVD

Small Portable break down design

Steel Tanks shown are 10 gallon size

Ideal for diesel RV Snow Birds to take along on the road

Desired by people who want a small batch processor for "on the go" or apartment dwellers.

Our new portable 5 to 7 gallon BioDiesel processor for today's newer vehicles

Same great fuel in a Small, collapsible design that breaks down for easy storage or transport!

Ideal for the newer small vehicles requiring 5% to 20% BioDiesel mixes

Designed for people who do not wish to store a lot of BioDiesel in their garage.

Great where covenants will not allow a large processor.

Note: This project requires a small amount of welding,  a local welding shop will do the welding if you cannot.

How to Build our new Mini-Processor video DVD instructions

Mobile-Mini Processor
4 Hour Step by Step how to Video
in DVD

The DVD purchase is required as monster file size of video prevents us from providing downloadable content.

**International orders accepted.

**A valid Postal mailing address is required
Standard NTSC DVD Player or PC & MAC compatible video player required

$24.95 and includes a copy of our downloadable PGP biodiesel e-book
Note: Free e-book must be downloaded separately from here, you will receive the key to open it from PayPal page with your purchase.
Note: The accompanying e-book is
Not MAC compatible

Read  below before ordering!

You MUST provide us a legitimate Postal Address for delivery of your DVD disk.

**Please purchase above then return here and e-mail us your address...  
DVD mailing address

Write us if you want more information.

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