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Our  Processor

Appleseed Fuelmeister
Fumeless design Yes Yes Yes
Can clean it between batches Yes No Yes
Built in heater Yes Yes External & $300 extra
Fire resistant construction Yes Yes No
Can wash fuel Yes No Costs $150 extra
Can dry fuel Yes No Costs $225 extra
Under $200 to build Yes No No
Easy to repair with local materials Yes perhaps No

Our "All in one Very Low Fume" Steel Tank BioDiesel Processor  $150 to $225
Shown with the top cover and external insulation removed for clarity. Is shown in use drying some finished BioDiesel. Made out of Fire safe steel materials and is very low to fumeless design,  Easily inspected & washed out between batches. Using our book as a guide your local high school metal shop may wish to help construct one for you as a class project or if you or a friend has access to a welder, it can be built for about $150. Uses standard off the shelf commonly available plumbing parts,. Our "All in One" design allows for BioDiesel Processing, Washing & Drying using just this one tank for a small foot print, A very clean & simple design easily constructed & works well, Our Book a wealth of information costs just $20 and in over 170 pages tells how to make BioDiesel, and troubleshoot problems, how to build the all in one Processor, Wash tank & Drying tank along with numerous sources of supplies & chemical information. Don't be fooled, our Book is the best deal around and our simple, safe processor design works very well!

Appleseed water heater BioDiesel Processor $300 pipe kit + $250 for water heater = $550
Fire safe steel tank design, Touted as fumeless which is misleading since you potentially get exposed to methanol vapors when you transfer HOT fuel out & into a storage or wash tank and when making the methoxide (always have plenty of outside air for ventilation), Cannot allow fuel to cool down more than 2 to 3 hours before transferring out the still hot methanol laden fuel for washing or storage because you risk hardening of the glycerol in the sealed tank& then must reheat everything. Very difficult to clean or inspect the inside of tank, Hard to find parts for construction unless you purchase a kit, Costs around $550 to build & will not do anything else except process BioDiesel. This $550 cost does not include a washing or drying tank (necessary in our opinion) which would cost extra & take up more floor space. Tiny pamphlet Book costs $15, tells how to make biodiesel & only shows how to build this one processor, not the washing & drying equipment which will cost you even more to build! Large foot print since in our opinion you will also need a wash tank & a drying tank

Fuel Meister Plastic BioDiesel Processor for $3000 as shown & up to $4000 with the optional wash tank.
At a few thousand dollars it is Grossly over priced for what little you get, Potentially unsafe as it has been known to leak at the plastic to steel pipe fittings. Hot leaking methanol is readily ignited by sparks or heat and can easily find a source of ignition. If this plastic tank catches fire and melts down and you would be stuck with up to 50 gallons of burning plastic, oil and methanol resulting in a catastrophic fire! Has no fire resistant materials or provisions with which to effectively snuff out any potential fire. Has no provision with which to heat the oil in the tank, this costs a lot of extra money & is done with a relatively low wattage slow heater before adding the oil. Beginning with cold WVO, from start to finish it is no where near as fast as claimed since they do not account for heating up the WVO in their time claim. It has a large foot print since you will likely want the extra & very costly tanks. Heck, they don't even tell you how to figure out a biodiesel recipe & have you rely on a one size fits all chart for the ingredients to ad which as anybody remotely familiar with how biodiesel is made can tell you is a bunch of bunk. Before you buy one of these, check out this picture of a plastic processor meltdown HERE


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