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The Bubble Ring
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Exclusive "Pretty Good Bubbler" Ring

This is the same Bubbler Ring we use.

 A good quality sturdy ring we use to bubble wash our BioDiesel.
We used the same Bubble Washer Ring for over 3 years & it still functioned flawlessly!

Bubble Wash after Mist washing BioDiesel to get the last bits of glycerol & soaps removed.

We experimented with using it in methanol laden BioDiesel trying to evaporate out the methanol, even that didn't seem to phase it; this stuff is tough!
A lot of other bubbler ring materials get attacked & clog up or fail after a relatively short exposure to methanol containing RAW BioDiesel.

This BioDiesel Bubbler Ring comes highly recommended by the staff.

Pretty Good Bubble Washer Ring

Pretty Good Bubbler Ring Kit shown with air pump.
We highly recommend this Bubble Ring!
The bubbler ring comes as shown in the photo (ring assembly is required, Pump optional).
Bubbler Ring Kit includes 11 ft of air hose & can be used with a single port air pump or a dual port pump.
Note: you must provide your own air pump NOT INCLUDED
We suggest using a high pressure high volume air pump which has a built in air volume delivery control.

Bubbler Ring with 11 ft of air hose
You supply the air pump

Bubble ring with air supply hose $16

Please provide us with a valid US Postal mailing address when ordering.
No international orders please.


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