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Table of contents
Note this is
only a partial index, the book actually has more in it than this.

Introduction to BioDiesel
Can I make BioDiesel FAQ
How much does it cost to make BioDiesel
BioDiesel verses Fossil Diesel Fuel
The US Dept of Energy BioDiesel Statement
BioDiesel Benefits
Ecology & Greenhouse Gasses
BioDiesel Fuel
BTU,  Mileage & Power
Manufacturers Engine Warranty
Make a Sample Batch
About Soap Formation
Titration Guide
What is Titration
Materials needed to Titrate
pH indicator Choices
Home Made pH Indicator solutions
Calibration of titration equipment
Making an .1% Alkali Solution
Titration How to Do it
Preparation for making your Big Batch of BioDiesel
How & Where to obtain the very best WVO
Legalities of WVO collection
EPA definition of used oil
How to make BioDiesel
Suggested BioDiesel Processing Equipment
Hardware equipment needed, to make a volume batch
10 step BioDiesel OVERVIEW
Detailed BioDiesel OVERVIEW
How to Build a BioDiesel Processor
The Fumeless AppleSeed style processor
AppleSeed processor Pro’s & Con’s
The "All in One" Low Fume 55 gallon Steel Tank Processor
Low "All in One" Fume Processor Pro’s & Con’s
Constructing the "All in One" Low Fume 55 gallon Steel Processor
List of Materials Needed to build the "All in One" processor
Photos of  55 gallon "All in One" Low Fume construction
Process Tank "All in One" Construction
Sturdy Process Tank Stand Construction
55 gallon steel "All in One" BioDiesel Processor Tank Operation
"All in One" Processor Valve ID & Functions

Testing Tanks & plumbing
Process a big batch of BioDiesel
Circulation & Heating of WVO or BioDiesel
Drying WVO
How to Transesterify
Settling & Draining Glycerol
Pumping out BioDiesel
Cleaning up
Instructions for Washing BioDiesel in the "All in One" Process Tank
Instructions for Drying BioDiesel in the "All in One" Process Tank

Polishing BioDiesel or how to wash & dry
Washing Guide
Static Washing
Bubble Washing
Mist Washing
Agitation Washing
About Magnasol R60 Dry Washing BioDiesel without water
Wash Tank Design
A simple static wash tank
A dynamic “stand pipe” design wash tank
The Easy No Weld Stand Pipe Wash Tank Project #1

How tall should the ‘stand pipe” be
“Stand Pipe” Wash Tank Assembly Details
A Better Wash Tank, Welded “Stand Pipe” Project #2

Photos of Stand Pipe Fittings welded into a 55 gallon steel drum
Improvements you may want to incorporate
Instructions for using your new Wash Tank

Shake Test, a Good way to test if the BioDiesel is fully washed
Drying Guide
BioDiesel Drying Methods
What Dry BioDiesel should it look like
How to test moisture content of WVO or BD
Resting & Testing your BioDiesel
Why Filter BioDiesel
Filtration Guide
How to Filter BioDiesel
How to Build a Pressurized Filter tank
How to use your new BioDiesel filtering tank
Storing BioDiesel Fuel
What to do with Waste Glycerol
All about Pumps
The History of BioDiesel
Running on SVO, Straight Vegetable Oil
What is the Cetane number & what does it mean
Differences between various Vegetable oils
Differences between various Alcohols
Freezing , Gelling & Protection
CP or “Cloud Point, GP or “Gel Point” or PP or “Pour Point
Clouding or Gel Point Correction
BioDiesel Protection
Advanced Winter protection lowering CFPP
Winterize BioDiesel by Cold Fractioning
How to Winterize BioDiesel by Tallow Reduction
Using waste glycerol to remove tallow from WVO
Step by Step Tallow Reduction Procedure
Approximate BioDiesel Yield from Waste Vegetable Oil
Residual Catalyst & Soap Testing Procedure
What Don’t Work for Making BioDiesel
BioDiesel Trouble Shooting
Emulsion – Identification
Partial Emulsion
Full Blown Emulsion
Wash problems because of Monoglicerides and Diglycerides
Home testing for Monoglicerides and Diglycerides
Fixing an Emulsion
Safety concerns
General Chemical Handling Safety
Chemicals required to make BioDiesel
Health Hazards & Personal Safety
Lab Equipment Specifications
Digital Scales
Titration - Quick Reference
Handy PH Reference Chart
pH color chart reference
Fuel Properties of different Methyl Esters
Melting Points of some Raw Oils
US Department of Energy Fuel Comparison Chart
The Chemistry of BioDiesel Transesterification
BioDiesel – Mono Alkyl Esters
Definitions of relevant Chemistry Words & Terminology
Sources of BioDiesel Information
Sources for Pumps & Fluid Handling Supplies

Tank Suppliers (cone bottomed & Storage HDPE tanks)
Laboratory Supplies, Reagents, Equipment & Lab Ware
Chemical Suppliers

Sources for BioDiesel Reaction Processors & Plans
BioDiesel Reaction Processor Links with some building instruction
Other Ideas for Wash Tanks
Free & low cost how to make BioDiesel Videos
Filter Sources
Making Soap
Processor Flow Diagrams
Totally enclosed Full Complete BioDiesel System
Example B100 BioDiesel MSDS Sheet
Example Methyl Alcohol MSDS Sheet
Example Sodium Methoxide MSDS Sheet
Example Sodium Hydroxide MSDS Sheet
Example Glycerine MSDS Sheet
Example Glycerol MSDS Sheet
Sample BioDiesel Log Book
BioDiesel Internet Information Links
Government Agencies with Biofuel Information
Standards and Testing, Chemical Composition of BioDiesel
Education, Research Sites & Papers
Other General Information
Using Vegetable Oil as Fuel
Reclaiming Methanol
Respirator Selection
Soap Making Using BioDiesel Waste
BioDiesel as a Home Heating Fuel
Reference Photo Gallery

"Pretty Good BioDiesel" Book

A book about how to make BioDiesel for the average Joe.


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·        We’ve included FREE live web links (in all but the paper book) to all sorts of internet sources for parts, supplies & information on BioDiesel & BioDiesel making.

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Free extra printable pages include…

·        10 steps to making BioDiesel

·        Making a sample batch

·        Titration preparation steps

·        Titration instructions

·        Dryness testing for fuel & WVO

·        Testing for Soap & Catalyst in fuel

·        How to make bar soap

·        FREE BioDiesel makers log book

·        FREE Live web based BioDiesel Recipe Cruncher program (Not incl with the paper book)

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 Current information
                BioDiesel is very dynamic right now, new information is developing all the time. U
nlike a paper book where you are stuck with what is on the pages, we try to keep our eBook current as soon as new information is developed.

 Live links
                There are many references to external web pages that contain a wealth of information that you need.
            With our eBook you simply click on the “hyperlink” and you instantly go to that web page.

                Our entire table of contents is “bookmarked” for your convenience. Just click on a bookmark and you immediately jump to that chapter. Return bookmarks exist so you can jump back to the table of contents.

Color Pictures
                Our many pictures and diagrams in the eBook are in color.
To keep costs down, the photos in the paper version may be in B&W, however we do try to include color photos where important.

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