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Learn to Build a Processor and make CARBON NEUTRAL BioDiesel

This excelent book is 174 pages long & includes tons of free extras! You just can't go wrong buying our book.       Pretty Good BioDiesel  Book          
                Our modestly titled book truly makes great BioDiesel

                    Today safe cheaper fuel is what it is all about, make $1.25 fuel and be CARBON NEUTRAL.

Remember, ALL home Processors function the same way, they only differ in Price, Safety & Features.
All BioDiesel processors take the same amount of time, we offer you the Most Features, the Safest & lowest Cost less to make!

Our exclusive 217 page "Pretty Good BioDiesel" book contains...3 basic flat bottomed processor designs and is the beginners BioDiesel makers bible.

1. How to build our exclusive "All in One" flat bottomed processor or one of our other two flat processor designs.
Note: If you desire our better Coned bottomed processor, please purchase our Book Duo Deal
2. Detailed photos, instruction & text covering how to build 3 safe, simple yet effective biodiesel processors without requiring some expensive kit.
3. Detailed photos, instruction covering how to construct a Washer & Dryer if you want for quicker daily through put.
4. Detailed photos, instruction covering how to construct an advanced constant flow Filtration system without potentially compromising the filter media.
5. Custom recipe development information for maximum BioDiesel conversion.
6. Detailed valve by valve BioDiesel processor operating instructions.
7. Make 40 gallon batches of BioDiesel fuel for around $1.25 a gallon using FREE waste fryer oil.
8. Tons of resources, this book has it all!
9. And Yes... it contains very comprehensive

Intended for novice or experienced, this PGB book shows you how to construct our basic "All in One" processor and make Quality BioDiesel.

Others may charge less for books but this is not comic book sized like those others, you get what you pay for in this world.
Ours is the best, well thought out 217 page BioDiesel Instructional book available bar none. Buy the best & make the best fuel.

A comprehensive guide for Farm, Home Production and Use of BioDiesel

Basic "All in One" processor

Shown drying fuel with insulation and lid removed for clarity

Check out our 2 Book Set deal HERE

This excelent book is 174 pages long & includes tons of free extras! You just can't go wrong buying our book. PGB CD e-Version

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Money Saving tips & instructions in the art & science of making BioDiesel for the average Joe.
Everything you need to know to build a safe $225 processor & making quality BioDiesel yourself.
Chemical costs went up, home brew BioDiesel costs about $1.25 a gallon but it is still way cheaper than fuel at the pump!

Our exclusive 215 page book has meat on it's bones! It's not your average 20 page "How to Make BioDiesel" pamphlet!

    Years of research & development went into this book. It was written for the average Joe to understand yet is comprehensive.
If you want to know everything about how to make your own BioDiesel fuel, then this is the book you need.
A modern
215 page Book this is the comprehensive guide for farm or home production and use of biodiesel fuel.
Read what others who have bought it have to say about it Here.
This book gives the average Joe all the tools needed to build a Safe, Low Cost, Feature packed, Effective BioDiesel Processor.
Our basic processor can usually be constructed for $150 to $225. Our book contains all the information needed to make the processor and BioDiesel yourself at the Home or Farm.  It contains photos, detailed parts lists, detailed construction information & much more.
     Our book gives complete instructions for making safe high quality fuel that can meet ASTM quality fuel standards plus it contains construction photos & plans for making 3 different BioDiesel processors as well as how to build & operate washing & polishing tanks to make great quality BioDiesel fuel yourself. It includes recipe information, sources, chemical & hardware suppliers & kit information, safety, troubleshooting & a whole lot more than we can list here. You don't have to buy an expensive BioDiesel processor kit, buy this book instead & easily build a safe modern BioDiesel processor using locally available parts!
    Our "All in One" BioDiesel processor takes up very little space & does it all (processing, washing, drying) in one compact safe steel tank or you can construct and add in one of our wash tanks for even faster thru put.

To avoid confusion, this book is for the beginner and it does show you how to build our Basic "All in One" Flat Bottom processor.
If you desire to construct our Advanced "All in One" Cone Bottomed processor you will need our other book

The book & processor will pay for themselves in the first two batches of safe home made BioDiesel fuel.
We have used the same trouble free processor for over 5 years now & it keeps pumping out high quality BioDiesel.

Our comprehensive book makes a great guide for farm production and use of biodiesel fuel.
High fuel cost is eating American Farmers alive, making biodiesel is one way they can save real money!
Farmers can really enjoy the money saving benefits of biodiesel & this comprehensive guide can tell you how.
Diesel Tractors such as John Deere, Kubota,
Allis - Chalmers, Case, New Holland , Massey Ferguson , International Farmall can all benefit.

Dare to Compare processor designs HERE!

Don't pay Thousands $ for a dangerous Plastic BioDiesel processor !
Make yours steel, don't let this happen to you, Melted plastic processor

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For those interested in both our books see our 2 Book SALE Offer HERE

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This excelent book is 174 pages long & includes tons of free extras! You just can't go wrong buying our book.


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