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The A.B.P. Advanced Book
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Advanced BioDiesel Projects Book

SAVE Money, Make better fuel, Safer

Contains our 6 How to Project instruction on building Advanced BioDiesel Equipment

Available NOW!

Advanced "All in One" processor      Sealed Methoxide mixer 
Learn how to construct these projects and 3 more!

This Advanced BioDiesel Projects book is for the person experienced in making BioDiesel
NO BioDiesel making information, this one is Jam packed with advanced project equipment.
If you are a BioDiesel beginner buy both or please look at our "Pretty Good BioDiesel" book

The 6 Advanced Projects include:

  • How to project, Construct an Advanced Cone bottomed steel BioDiesel processor from scratch.

  • Layout drawings to cut out the sheet metal for the cone.

  • How to project, Make your own Sheet metal cone forming tool.

  • How to use the cone forming tool to make a cone.

  • How to weld up the cone.

  • How to project, Heater power controller an industry proven device.

  • New insights to stop heater element burnout events forever.

  • How to project, 11 gallon Sealed Methoxide Mixer, fume free and totally contained. (the secret is internal)

  • How to properly mount a truck bed crane to prevent damage to your truck.

  • How to project, Gear Pump assembly project for fast reliable oil transfer.

  • Advanced discussion on computerized heater power control to regulate ramp rate, holding, and heat regulation.

  • How to Project, Bottomless Fuel Washing system ( as independent tank or built into the Cone Processor )

  • How to plumb your advanced cone bottomed BioDiesel processor.

  • How to project, Construct a industrial quality heater control box to stop heater burn outs.

  • Insights about what causes heater burnout events and how to eliminate them.

  • Discussion on computerized heater power controller to regulate ramp rate, and temperature.

  • How to project, Construct our Bottomless Washing System.


This book contains 6 Advanced BioDiesel Projects, 3 require welding & 3 do not.
Welding is required if you construct either of the two cone bottomed tanks from scratch.
We now offer a pre-made cone bottom processor tank for those that only want to assemble a processor.
If interested in our pre-made cone processor tank, it is located in our products area.


How to Make both & more!

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