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The Melt Down
We are very patrotic!

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A picture is worth a thousand words....

This could have been a catastrophe!
Please don't let this happen to you, Build our Steel Processor!

This could have been a catastrophe!
Please don't let this happen to you, Build a safe Steel processor like ours.
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    Let this photo be a warning to anyone thinking of buying an overly priced Plastic BioDiesel Processor.
 In our opinion Plastic biodiesel processors like the $2995 to $4995 Fuel Meister are inherently dangerous!
Think seriously about that before investing in any plastic biodiesel processor, that can not hold up to fire.
What would 45 to 50 gallons of Flaming Vegetable Oil, Alcohol, Lye & Plastic would look like in your garage ! How would you put out a fire like that? It is a very scary & serious thing you should consider.

   Fire is a very real possibility with a plastic processor because Steel pipe and Plastic have different expansion rates, leaks can and do occur when Plastic and Steel plumbing connections are combined. This places you at risk of a potential fire which can occur when hot leaking methanol locates an ignition source for it's vapors. No matter the cause of the fire.... cigarette or whatever.... it don't matter, the result is the same.
   Using a Steel BioDiesel processor with steel plumbing, everything has the same expansion rate so the potential for leaks are very unlikely..... Avoid a Fire.... Avoid a Disaster....  Build a STEEL PROCESSOR!

   If you have already purchased a plastic processor...
Learn how to properly knock down an oil fire because that may save your life some day.
Oil fires MUST be put out with either a dry chemical fire extinguisher or with water mist.
NEVER use forcible water stream to put out an oil fire because it will only fan the flames and spread the fire!
If using a water hose to knock down an oil fire, you absolutely must use a mist & only a  mist to put it out!
Direct the water mist at the base of the fire, never at the flames!
We highly suggest you seek help from your local fire department, ask questions and learn about oil fires.

    Do not let a meltdown happen to you, buy our Book HERE and build a safe fire resistant steel processor  that will safely produce high grade BioDiesel for years to come.




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