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The Members Login Fix
We are very patrotic!

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To fix MEMBERS ONLY web page Login problems

Access reserved to registered buyers of one of our books, you have FREE access to our MEMBERS ONLY page.

We sent you a Passcode to access this area but some have reported problems logging in.

If you get an error when logging into our Members Only are..
Try this fix if you are using a Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser.

If you have any problems logging into the Members Only area it is likely your scripts settings are wrong in your internet browser.
IF you cannot enter the pass code because you get an error saying you entered it incorrectly although you never even had a chance to put in a pass word.....
That would be because you have SCRIPTS disabled in your internet browser and is not a problem with our Members Only web pages.
It turns out this occurs because of a setting you need to change in your internet browser.
You would need to enable scripts in your Internet Browser.
IE7 & IE8  go to internet options > security > custom level > scripting and enable "Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows"
IE6 goto internet options . security > custom level > active scripting and enable

Please look at the photo below so you know what to select to fix the problem.

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