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Life & Living

Our LIFE & Living section is all about living the good life & living well.

Life & Living is just what it says.. your life, my life, all of us, the way we live & interact with one another & our environment.

Why dear reader are you interested in BioDiesel?

Some might answer this question by saying they wish to reduce their carbon footprint to save the planet.
Others might say as a means to reduce driving costs so they have money for other things.

I am sure there are many different answers.
If you think about the two examples I provided to you above.. you will see they both relate to LIFE & Living.
One person is concerned over saving the planet for life & the other is concerned about cost of Living expenses.
Since this could help many of you out, we decided to include it.

We will add to our discussion as time permits so be sure to drop by from time to time & see what we have posted.
We think of this as some sort of a Blog.





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