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Welcome to our Kids Energy Education gateway.

    Learn why BioDiesel a Carbon Neutral fuel is a much better fuel for our vehicles.

    These kids pages will tell you what BioDiesel is and how it is made. You will learn about how #2 diesel fuel and gasoline are made. We tell you why BioDiesel is better for us and the environment. Learn how BioDiesel may help slow Global Warming.

    Visit all the kids pages & tell your friends!

Environmental benefits of BioDiesel

Environment benefits of BioDiesel compared to petroleum based fuels:

  • BioDiesel fuel is Carbon Neutral and may help to slow Global Warming according to some experts.
  • BioDiesel reduces emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) by approximately 50% and carbon dioxide by 78% this is because the carbon in BioDiesel emissions is recycled from carbon that was already in the atmosphere earlier that year, rather than being an antique carbon from petroleum that was stored deep in the earth's crust millions of years ago. Antique carbon is claimed by some to contribute to the Greenhouse gas problem and Global Warming.
  • BioDiesel contains fewer aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • BioDiesel eliminates sulfur emissions (SO2) which cause acid rain, because BioDiesel doesn't contain sulfur.
  • BioDiesel reduces the emission of particulates by as much as 65%, particulates are very small pieces of solid combustion products. This also reduces cancer risks.
  • BioDiesel has the highest energy content of any alternative fuel.
  • BioDiesel is biodegradable and non-toxic according to tests done by the United States Department of Agriculture. These tests confirm BioDiesel is less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as quickly as sugar.
  • In the United States, biodiesel is the only alternative fuel to have successfully completed the Health Effects Testing requirements (Tier I and Tier II) of the Clean Air Act (1990). This means that BioDiesel is a clean burning fuel.


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