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BioDiesel Class 101

Class # 10 - BioDiesel Storage

    BioDiesel can be Stored for a reasonable length of time provided that you take precautions. We have successfully stored BioDiesel for 6 months over winter but took the following precautions. We give more storage information in our PGB book.

  1. Keep heat to a minimum, do not store it in direct sunlight, the cooler the better.

  2. If you must store it in warm weather & cannot keep it out of the sun, either put a reflective tarp over the container or plan on using it up in a month or so just to play it safe, heat promotes polymerization & oxidation.

  3. Store it in tightly sealed FULL steel drums to reduce oxygen absorption which causes fuel polymerization or oxidation over time.

  4. Make sure your BioDiesel is totally bone dry before storage because moisture will promote the growth of slime bacteria & can cause your fuel to break down. Besides slime will clog up fuel filters quickly.

  5. Do not store it in any container which contains Zinc or Copper for any length of time because these metals can migrate into the BioDiesel & cause problems with your fuel system later on.

And you thought we forgot.....

  1. What conditions should you store BioDiesel under?

  2. How can you prevent oxidation of stored BioDiesel?

  3. What will happen if you store moist BioDiesel?

  4. Will any harm be done if BioDiesel is stored inside of a Zinc coated steel drum?


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