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Book Reviews and Complements we have gotten from our customers.
Sold in over 30 countries, The People in all these countries say our books are the best!
Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Fiji Islands,
 Germany, Greece, Honduras, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico,
 New Zeland, Norway, Romania, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, USA, UK, Zambia and more!
Real customer complements and reviews on our two BioDiesel books.
 All pulled from actual emails we receive every day.
 Genuine satisfied customers proof that we simply have an old fashioned honest business ethic and it shows.
Below is a snapshot of a few of our customers actual comments.

Aug 4


Thanks for your pleasant response.  I am learning so much from your book, I can not thank you enough for the personal, direct help that you have been providing.  I am looking forward to heating my home this winter with biodiesel made in your reactor! 

July 25

Great book, updates for free, you have no idea how rare this is over here, many thanks.
James  from England

July 23

You say I was patient, but the fact remains is that what pulled my legs into all this, was the respect and attention you first gave my query and later on
the problem we went into. I really admired this, and I thank you for all the patience and time you put into this as well.
Hanna from Vienna

July 22

Thanks again for the update. I appreciate your time and help. It is so good to know you take that extra effort to inform others and the fast replies and help are just fantastic. Speechless.

July 21st

Thanks for producing this information. I will certainly send you a picture when we get it built!
Mitch from Honduras

July 15th

Everything went well with the download. I was extremely pleased with the amount of info that came with the ebook.
Joe of North Carolina

July 10th

I am absolutely delighted with the book, It is an easy to understand fully comprehensive guide for everything that I need to know about constructing a processor, and producing bio diesel.
Andrew,  from Scotland

July 4th

Many thanks.  I was thinking more in terms of ion exchange resins for removal of glycerin and KOH rather than the reaction itself.  Still best book I've seen and believe me I've read a few.

July 1

Very nice book layout at a glance it already cleared up a couple of things, photos will follow when my system is complete.

Jun 28

Can't get past the index at the moment.  As I scroll down the page I find something else I want to look at and forget to start at the beginning.  Improved my technique enormously so thank you very much. Found your book on a Google search and you were the only ones that have chapter and verse on pretty much everything I wanted to know.  Thanks for the passwords for the books which worked faultlessly and for the members area.

June 17

Hello and thank you for putting together this book it looks like it is going to be a great help in building my biodiesel reactor.

 June 15

Very impressed with the book after a brief look!  Details look outstanding and should allow us to be successful making biodiesel. Again, thanks for the impressive book.

June 9th

Got the book thanks, spent most of last night reading it, Its a great read and packed with real information.

June 6th

Just got it, no problems with the download, pretty easy deal.  You're very thorough, thanks.

June 5th

I received everything, and it is better than expected. I will be officially delving into it next week, but just skimming through it, I am very pleased with the wealth of information in it.

June 5th

Dear Zeb, I did received this letter and downloaded the book, used the pass code and all is good. Had a quick browse through the book and I think it has great information. Very detailed, just what I needed.

May 24th

Thanks, just what I was looking for!

May 23rd

I got it and down loaded it already.  Great Book!  Thanks 

May 23rd

I have to say thank you for being so helpful and polite I hope you are very successful with your instruction books, I will let anyone I talk to know where to get the information they need.

 May 22nd

 The price was perfect, the first book was awesome, very professional as usual..
My you guys put a lot into that book...I have given your website out already....

May 16th

Thanks for the response, Zeb. It is a pleasure to see fast response. I also appreciate your time for explanation and assisting in my quest of producing biodiesel.  I have already purchased your two books and they are great.  Most informative and detailed. 

May 13th

I have downloaded your book and have already become engrossed in it.  It seems to be very comprehensive.  I’ll stay in touch and let you know how I do with making bio-diesel.
Thanks. . . . . . Gary

May 13th

We received our order on Monday.  Thank you  very much. We appreciate your prompt shipment.
Thanks, Shelley

May 3rd

All works fine. Thanks for a great product.


April 30th

Thanks for the great product. It was better than I expected. Thank you.
Sincerely Mitch D.

April 28

While talking to Don on the telephone the subject of Biodiesel came up. I mentioned seeing some info. on the internet. What they had to offer sounded like the pie in the sky and I don't put much faith in that kind of stuff. Don said if I'm really interested check out your site because he feels your honest and a very knowledgeable on the subject. After a couple of nights on your site I want to take the next step and read "Pretty Good Biodiesel Book" and "Advanced Biodiesel Projects".  I will send money tomorrow. Thanks for your help,

April 28th

I've been wanting to get us converted to biodiesel for some time even though currently the only vehicle we can run it in is the tractor. I was plugging around on the internet and found your website-- which was exactly the informative, and comprehensive style I was looking for-- Thank You! and thank you again for such a quick response about the pass codes—the books are now downloaded no problem.

I must compliment you on the research that you have done in putting your book together…

I have been doing research for over a year trying to find the no nonsense information that you

have gathered in one place.


Byron M, Oregon


Terrific help! Terrific product! Highly recommended.


Lou B., Oregon


It was the best deal ever. I am looking forward to build the unit ASAP. Thanks


Leo M., Brazil


This is The Bio Bible - Incredible detail and they are incredibly helpful people


Michael, Lancashire, United Kingdom


A good amount of very useful information and links, well worth it


Stephen, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom


Quick Helpful Email Response, Highly Recommended, AAA+++


TJ,  Reno, NV


A+++ Excellent, very satisfied with my purchase!


Jayashreekar, NY

Received code as advertised to activate, happy with outstanding information, A++


Rodney F., Ohio

Super deal and easy download!!!


Albert P., Arkansas


Just as described, great!


Robert S. New Jersey


We actively sell our two books internationally and have many satisfied customers from around the globe.
Join us and make your own cheap BioDiesel fuel!
People in 30+ countries can't all be wrong!
We couldn't have sold so many books if they were not terrific!
We have many satisfied customers in 30+ countries...
Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Fiji Islands,
 Germany, Greece, Honduras, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico,
 New Zeland, Norway, Romania, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, USA, UK, Zambia and more!

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