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    The author of our book has made a few common sense safety modifications to the instructions on safely running the processors.

    It is not recommended that you open up the processor lid following processing of BioDiesel because hot methanol or methoxide fumes would likely escape & potentially pose a health or fire hazard. We recommend that if you do pump out warm BioDiesel into a wash tank or a settling drum, you do so without unclamping the processor lid ring. If you start to develop a vacuum in the process tank while doing this you should then unclamp the lid retaining ring but do not lift the lid. Simply unclamping the lid retaining ring should allow enough air into the tank to contain the fumes and vent the vacuum. If desired, you can remove the processor lid after the tank has cooled then use a garden hose to wash out the tank with tap water. Keeping the lid clamped down while pumping out the biodiesel should create a slight negative pressure in the tank & help to contain any methoxide fumes. In any case always use adequate and proper ventilation in the process area.

    Note that when receiving warm BioDiesel, the wash tank or settling drum should have the lid clamped down tight & you should fill through the bung hole in the lid to help contain the fumes while filling the tank. Use common sense & have adequate ventilation to prevent potentially flammable or toxic fume build up. Replace the bung plug into the bung hole when finished filling the tank to help contain the fumes while the contents cool down.

    It is recommended that for safety sake you wait until the BioDiesel has cooled down before beginning Mist washing since Hot or Warm Raw BioDiesel contains a significant amount of methanol which could fume out & pose a fire or health hazard. Methanol has a flash point temperature of 54F and poses a fume explosion hazard at 6% to 36% by volume of fume concentration to the air. If you decide not to follow this advise & still wish to wash warm or hot BioDiesel, please exercise extreme caution & be sure to use plenty of forced air ventilation! After the Misting has started, the methanol / methoxide fumes being emitted off the BioDiesel should be fairly well contained by the water vapor mist & most any escaping fumes should be greatly reduced however we assume no responsibility for your decision to work with warm or hot raw biodiesel. We do not recommend or advocate that you wash hot or warm BioDiesel but if you do, please use good sense, if you are in the fume area & start to feel a bit drunk you should seek medical attention since this could indicate methanol poisoning, a potentially serious health risk.


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