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Since you are here, I presume you want to hear the story about how we came to be.


        We are a small family owned company that got started in an attempt to educate the public about making BioDiesel & to make a little money along the way.

        Since we don't advertise products for other companies, we always give you the frank honest truth about various methods, products & design ideas. If you do not see what you need here, drop us a line & we will see what we can do to help.

     How all this came about... I regularly drove around 400 miles per week to & from work. One unfortunate December night while driving to work my vehicle was struck head on by a truck and totaled. Fortunately I had a guardian angle on my shoulder that night & rather than dying, I miraculously suffered only a slightly banged head, bruised knee & a broken leg. My recovery was very lengthy, it took 8 months before I was able to return to work because my leg was so broken up the gaps in the bone were very large so healing was slow.

     Having all this spare time sitting around, I started reading quite a bit. One day I was struck by an article I read in a Backwoods magazine about BioDiesel. I had always been somewhat curious about BioDiesel but since I didn't own a diesel vehicle I hadn't pursued looking into it. Like a lot of people, I assumed that it would required special equipment & was well beyond the scope of my doing or was only done by Green wackos. While reading that magazine article I was startled to find that BioDiesel was very easy to make, reliable & very cheap!

    I began doing my own research into BioDiesel & soon discovered that the magazine article I had read gave grossly incorrect misinformation about how to properly make BioDiesel! If I had followed their instructions I would not have successfully Transesterified much BioDiesel & instead would have ended up with mostly unprocessed raw vegetable oil, a bunch of soap & perhaps damaged my engine. As I researched BioDiesel I discovered that a lot of other sources were misleading people as well.

    Making my own BioDiesel easily was within my grasp if I could only find out the truth!

    I diligently researched how to make good BioDiesel for better than 6 months locating both good and bad information. After cross referencing & rechecking everything over & over I found which information was truth & which was garbage, conjecture or hearsay I finally located all the information that I needed to make my own high quality BioDiesel. Being very mechanically inclined by nature I designed my own processor based on what I had learned. I kept the good ideas & tossed out the bad in my design. Building my processor took me a long time since I still had my broken leg to deal with. I eventually completed my processor & began making my own BioDiesel. I learned a lot along the way about which type of oil is good to use & what should be avoided as well as other information one should know in order to make Pretty Good BioDiesel. It worked so well for me that I decided to develop a business revolving around Home Brewing BioDiesel. The reason for writing a very informative book was that people need to know the very simple truth about how to make pretty good BioDiesel. Get our book HERE

    Since oil prices have been on the increase with an uncertain future, BioDiesel makes a lot of sense for me and a lot of people. In my regular job, I drove around 400 miles a week to & from work so a long life diesel engine made a lot of sense to me. If I made my own fuel it would cut my driving costs significantly. Putting two & two together, I decided to buy a diesel truck since my other vehicle had been totaled in that accident anyway.

    I started looking for my perfect truck & bought it a couple of months later after a long & exhaustive search. Many years later, I haven't yet regretted the purchase of my diesel vehicle or my decision to make my home brew quality BioDiesel and I saved a ton of money to boot!

        I create Web Stores as a hobby so the idea of a web site where I could share frank information with other people considering making BioDiesel themselves made a lot of sense to me. I don't buy into the global warming idea but I don't like to waste my money & it appeals to me that I can fuel up at such low prices and hey, if global warming is real after all then I'm doing my part.

    I do firmly believe BioDiesel & alternative fuels are certainly in the future for our nation since OPEC countries are gouging us so badly. So the idea of an BioDiesel Store / Information web Site looked pretty good to me. BioDiesel is growing and I liked getting in on the ground floor.

        Good luck to you & may you enjoy many carefree miles of carefree cheap BioDiesel driving.

Besides being Carbon Neutral, BioDiesel is cheap to make. We hope you buy our book, construct a processor & begin making your own fuel too.


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